Finding a restaurant in Balmain or Rozelle is quite an easy task, with over 38 listings on this website alone. How do you know which ones are any good? Well, it’s up to other people to voice how good, or bad, a restaurant is and what kind of experience you’re going to expect. Although this is not a popular way to express an opinion for the older generations, it often is for the generation growing up with social media.

This article is listing the top ten places according to Google Local, which for anyone not in the know is a directory that Google manage integrated into Maps. It isn’t the best platform and you do need a Google account to review. Google try to manage billions of listings and often get details wrong, plus it isn’t moderated leaving some “dodgy” restaurant owners reviewing their own place under fake names.


Google Rating of 4.7
Contact and directions:

332 darling street

Algerias Spanish Tapas

Google Rating of 4.5
Contact and directions:


Nithiks Kitchen

Google Rating of 4.5
Contact and directions:

701-703 darling street

The Cottage Bar & Kitchen

Google Rating of 4.4
Contact and directions:

342 darling street

Indian Palace

Google Rating of  4.3
Contact and direction:

235 darling street

Efendy Restraunt

Google Rating of 4.3
Contact and directions:

79 elliott street

Reverview Hotel

Google Rating of 4.2
Address: 29 Birchgrove Road, Birchgrove (not listed on this website)


3 Weeds Rozelle

Google Rating of 4.2
Address: 197 Evans Street, Rozelle (not listed on this website)


Manjits Indian

Google Rating of 3.9
Contact and directions:

360 darling street

Kazbah Balmain

Google Rating of 3.9
Contact and Directions:

379 darling street

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